Chasm Lake in snow

Training Hike and #TryingStuff Volume I: Chasm Lake

Of the few people that read my satirical post about hiking being horrible, I think most of them thought I was joking. But in reality, the joke’s on them! I really do not like hiking, and if you follow me on Twitter, I’ve probably told you as such many, many, numerous times. I just don’t […]

Chasm Lake in snow

Random Thoughts: Snowboarding, Training, and Corned Beef

I’ve had a lot of thoughts lately, which is unusual for me. So today I’m going to get them out in a “random thoughts” post. I could (and have) tweeted the short version of these thoughts, but they really require more than 140 characters to completely understand where they’re coming from and why. Snowboarding Let’s […]

Advanced Functional Core Training

That title makes me giggle. I hate it when people describe a lift as being functional. What does that mean? Does that mean that a squat isn’t functional because they’re not called functional squats? What about functional strength? Does that mean powerlifters aren’t strong because they’re not “functional”? GAAAHHH!!!! Anyways, I used that wording to […]