Update!!! New Prize added. See bottom of post.

Well, I can’t say that I got there fast, but I finally made it! Almost. Actually, right at this instant, I only have 999. Which means I lost two from yesterday. Their loss.

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To Enter:

You don’t just get picked randomly. It would be pretty hard to pick fairly while scrolling through 1,000 names with my eyes closed. And this way ensures the prizes go to the followers that actually interact with me. Those are the best!

  1. Be following me on Twitter by December 24th. (Yup, Christmas Eve)
  2. Comment on THIS post with your real name and Twitter name. Telling me what prize you want on Twitter, emailing me, commenting on Facebook….none of that will be valid. You MUST comment here to make my life easier.
  3. When you comment, let me know what prize you’d prefer. Not everyone drinks booze and not everyone climbs (silly people). If you have no preference, just say “anything”. But I highly suggest a preference.
  4. That’s it!

Prizes, Items, and Swag

In no particular order:

  1. An autographed poster of Courtney (Sanders) Woods bouldering a V9 down in Hueco Tanks
  2. A poster of Sasha DiGiulian crushing “Pure Imagination”, 5.14d
  3. A poster of Chelsea Rude doing some crazy 5.12c in Foster Falls
  4. Two packages of Starbucks Via (16 individual servings total) for those cold mornings
  5. GSI Flask for your backcountry booze of choice. For those cold mornings?
  6. Camp Nano rack pack carabiners
  7. Climb X nut set
  8. Leftover/Random stickers (each winner will get some stickers, any leftover will go to someone/people else)
  9. 101 Things to do with Bacon cookbook

How I’ll Choose

After everyone comments below, I’ll literally put everyone’s name in a vessel at some point on Christmas Eve (December 24) and pull at random. If that person has a preference, HOORAY!! That’s what you get. If you just said “anything”, well, you’ll be put off to the side and you’ll still get a prize, but you’ll get whatever’s leftover. (That’s why I encourage a preference, or a prioritized list. 😉 )

Once they’re all gone; they’re gone, and I will contact the winners for their address.

Sound good? Good. Now make sure you’re following me!

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Newly added:

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