You will all learn about Joe Hashey in an upcoming post, but this is something that needs to be documented in quick fashion.

Joe is an ex-college football player that just got asked to play in a semi-pro game. He thought about it, and finally bit the bullet. And I quote:

“Alright, I’ll be knocking the 4 yrs of rust off and playing one last football game tomorrow night…”

There it is, Joe. Your LAST game. I’m tellin ya, you strap those pads on again, feel that rush, feel that pain, feel that violence again and you might be cleaning your shorts from the testosterone induced orgasm you just had.

As an athlete, adrenaline and competition are like a drug. And like street drugs, there’s dealers. The dealers in this case: the same people that convinced you to play this weekend are going to be the same people that convince you to play next year…..for a whole season.

Good luck, man!

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