Ok, I am really effin’ torn right at the moment. I’m sitting at work and trying to decide if writing this is a good idea or not. The real answer is probably “or not”, but for the first time in a long time, my music library has started talking to me again. For you, that means I’ve got a lot of badassery (opposite of douchebaggery) flowing through me right now. Which leads me to today’s post. Am I getting soft?

If you recall, most of my early stuff (as in, just a year ago) was a lot of ranting. I was really sick of the way I viewed the fitness industry. Well, thanks to this website, I signed up for Twitter. In doing so, I have “met” a lot of like minded people. I see that there is a huge population of people that really do “get it”. We are still enormously outnumbered, but day by day, people are figuring it out. The fact that you are reading this gives me hope that I have at least done my part in transforming some of you from the mindless masses that cruise through commercial gyms with no hopes of knowing what the fuck is going on.

But back to my point, I was reading through my earlier posts and things were a lot more comical than they are now. They are chalk full of good information, but I definitely focused more on trying to entertain you. I read my last several posts, and while they still have some one-liners in them, they seem to be skewed much more to the informative side rather than entertaining. Does that bother anyone else? I mean, I like to think that I’ve built this following on NOT being politically correct, NOT afraid of offending anyone, and NOT really giving a shit what you all think about me as a person.

So, what do you guys think? Do you like this little “mini-evolution” I’ve gone through, or should I go back to being a dick? I’ll leave it up to you. Let me know down in the comments.

Don’t Miss Your Chance

I was stuck in Corporate America for 9 years. I was miserable.

Then I took control.

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