I was sittin’ around my really kick-ass 1 bedroom, shoebox of an apartment, and the urge to cook hit me like Terry Tate. BTW, I would GLADLY take a 50% pay decrease to have Terry Tate’s job. Seriously. Anyways, I decided I wanted some salmon. And then, another idea hit me, “I should film it!” Seemed kinda cheesy at first, but then I remembered that chics dig it. Needless to say, I followed through.

So, what you’ll need is as follows to make one (1) serving:

6 oz. Salmon fillet (preferrably wild caught)
Fresh Dill
1 Lemon
Your favorite dried spices (salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder for me)

I explain everything else in the video. Also, one last note, I said to put the oven at 400 deg. Someone mentioned I should have done 350. To be honest with you, I don’t really give a flying *rhymes with puck* what you cook it at. I also have no idea how long to cook it. I usually try to cook it until it’s done. And if you’re afraid it might still be raw, well, don’t be. Ever heard of sushi before? It will turn out much, much, much worse if you overcook it. Just remember that. So, here’s the video:


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