I have no idea what this would be called because I just made everything up on a whim. What I can say is this: it was amazingly delicious.

Ingredients –

brussels sprouts, onions, garlic, spicesBrussels Sprouts (or another veggie sturdy enough to be baked for an hour)
Red Wine Vinegar
Olive oil
Turkey (or chicken) thighs (or breasts) – bone in, skin on

Instructions –

Turkey thighsPreheat oven to 375 deg F.
Line a baking dish with tinfoil to make clean-up easier.
Halve the Brussels sprouts and garlic, and chop the onion. How much? However much you feel like eating, duh.
Drizzle the veggies with olive oil (or grape seed would be better), dust them with salt, pepper, and sage.
Pour some red wine vinegar all over errything. Maybe around 4-5 Tablespoons? I just go by look.
Generously salt and pepper the poultry, and then place it directly on top of the veggies with the skin side up.
Cover the dish with tinfoil. Seal as best as possible.
Bake for 30 minutes covered.
Bake for 30 minutes uncovered.
Broil long enough to make the skin nice and crispy and delicious.
Proclaim me the best long distance chef evar.

Tips ‘n such of the sorts ‘n stuff –

Baked Turkey Thighs and VegetablesCovering the chicken while cooking fairly key. It gives the poultry a chance to soak up as much aromatic goodness as it can from the onions, garlic, seasonings, and vinegar. Then, when you uncover it, all of those flavors, plus the fat drippings, condense and get absorbed into the Brussels sprouts.

Use a baking dish that is “just” big enough to hold everything. This will help concentrate the flavors better rather than letting the juices flow into unused portions of the dish and evaporating into nothing.

When I made this, the total cooking time was about 70 min. in order to get the skin crispy. I was using two 1-lb. turkey thighs.

Don’t forget to proclaim my genius or it may not taste as good as possible.

Finished turkey and brussels sprouts

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