Crappie Fest 2011

Hear Ye!!! Hear Ye!!!!! Come one, come all, to the greatest drinki, I mean, fishing weekend of all.

This is only our crew. There's about 100 other people on the lake too.

We would formally like to…inform…everyone that we’re starting to plan for the 2nd annual Crapie Fest, held on beautiful Lake Holcombe. If you don’t know where Lake Holcombe is, well, you probably weren’t going to come anyways.

Accomodations will be provided by the 0.25-star Guthman Hunting Cabin. This is not a joke.

MD 20/20. 5 of these outta do.

Our thoughts are that it will be the 1st weekend in March again. There’s unlimited ice space for the day filled with drinking, fishing, MD 20/20, doing stupid stuff behind ATV’s, and drinking. However, sleeping space in the luxurious Guthman (pronounced “Goodman”) hunting shack is limited.

Festivities will once again start on Friday night with a trip to Debbie’s Bar. We may take the road, but probably the river to get there. On the way back, there are several corn fields we can drive through, should we feel the need.

Too much Debbie's Bar makes Mat tired.

Saturday is the day on the ice. Be ready for anything, including having to go sleep (and puke) off your hangover at your parents’. *cough* Mat *cough* Also, don’t forget TP. Napkins are kind of rough, especially in the cold woods. I would know.

I am hoping someone else has produced a new CD within the past year. If not, I guess we will listen to Chris’ again. You know what they say, it’s another Friday night….

Chris not only catches small fish, he also has a CD out. True Story. Let me know if you'd like to purchase a copy and support Crappie Fest 2011.

For those of you interested in attending, I’m using an open Facebook event to track RSVP’s and discuss details as they become available.

Click zee link to confirm.

Crappie Fest 2011 RSVP



Here’s an extremely politically correct video from last year just to get you a little bit excited. (Yes, you will have to teach me how to play Euchre again.)

Lastly, beware of unibombers. See you all soon!

You may recognize this dude from the photo reel on the front page. Please don't tell the authorities.

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