I have a feeling this will get mixed answers, but I’m wondering how many people from each camp actually exist. Personally, I’d like to listen to music, but it never works out. When I’m outdoors, I’m outdoors. I think music taints the tranquility of nature, and the bros next to me screaming, “c’mon! You got this! C’MON!” That’s peaceful. And when I’m at the gym, I’m usually climbing with somebody. It’s hard to carry on a conversation if you have earbuds in. Conversely, if I’m not continually listening to music to “get me in the zone”, having to pause the music between climbs, then I don’t really get the psychological response I’m looking for either. So I just do without.

But that’s not to say you feel the same way. When we were at Red Rocks, the guy next to us was blaring music in his earbuds so loud that I could hear everything. It was annoying to me, but what are ya gonna do? I just did a quick search on Craigslist for “climbing partner” and at the bottom of the dude’s ad was, “I also like to listen to music at the crag, because at the end of the day, climbing is supposed to be FUN!” Right. Fun for you. Killing my connection with the climb for me.

If I’m doing a regular weight lifting workout to supplement my climbing, I always have earbuds and music because I’m always training alone in that regard. Someday, if I ever get over the sticker shock of how much a gym membership costs in Boulder, I expect I’ll be training alone as well. In that case, I have no problem with music. I definitely climb better, and I don’t have to worry about ruining my connection with the climb. Gyms are for training, rocks are for proving (in my opinion), so do whatever you need to do to get the best possible session.  In fact, I remember, one time, not at band camp, but at a climbing gym, I was doing an on-sight attempt of a 5.11d and it was starting to get rough. Then “Call Me Maybe” came over the speaker system. Not gonna lie, I was so happy about the song that my state immediately changed, and I did complete the on-sight. Love that song. And music.

So where do you lie – Indoors? Outdoors? Both? Neither? 24/7 no matter what? Thanks, bye!


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