Hey! Long time no write, right? I’ll spare you the details on that, mostly because I’m typing this with one finger on my iPhone.

Do not fret your little faces off, my web presence has not completely dropped off. I wrote a piece on “Work, Physics, and PR Everyday” for the Bearded Apostate.

The main focus of the post is that the way you get bigger and stronger from working out is easily explained with physics and work capacity. The faster you can increase your work capacity, the faster you will reach your training goals.

The great thing about work, as explained by physics, is that it is measured in 3 variables. Just because you may not be able to add weight to the bar during a certain session does NOT mean you haven’t progressed. “Weight” is only one variable, and quite coincidentally, one that affects work the LEAST. Your mind is blown, right? Thought so.

For all the details and a more in-depth explanation, head over to Adam’s site:

Work, Physics, and PR Everyday

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