This contest has been at risk since inception, but against my better judgment, I’ve decided to run with it anyways. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the life of online, it’s that people want things for free. Not just free in the sense of money, but also time and effort. So against statistics and better judgment of doing a “free give-away”, I’m going to make you work for it.

Evolv, my amazing Grassroots climbing sponsor, is allowing me to give away one of their fabulous lime green Roundtangular Chalk Bags. Don’t act like you don’t want it. I want it. I could have it. But I decided to give it to one of you. How unselfish of me, right? I thought so too.

The Rules

  1. ‘Like’ my Facebook Fan Page: Low Gravity Ascents on Facebook
  2. Write a story (to be explained in a second) on my wall, as a message, or in an email.
  3. Get voted as “the best”
  4. Collect your Roundtangular Chalk Bag!

I will gather stories over the course of one week. Once I’ve received all the submissions, I will release them, 1 per day, on my website as well as post the link on my Facebook Fan Page. The story with the most ‘likes’ at the end of the voting periodwill win the chalk bag. It’s in your best interest to promote your story and get all of your friends to ‘like’ it too!

I will collect stories starting tomorrow, April 12th and collect them through April 19th.

The Story

Since this is the “sweaty palms” contest, the story should be about the scariest situation you’ve been in while on the rock. This could be alpine climbing, mountaineering, sport climbing, high ball bouldering, free solo’ing, anything. The more you make our palms sweat, the more YOU need this chalk bag to keep your hands dry, should you find yourself in a similar situation again.

The Fine Print

By submitting a story, you are giving me permission to use it on my website as I see fit, and I will always give credit to the source. You can include links, pictures, shout-outs, and anything else to enhance your story. I’ll gladly post them as long as they’re appropriate.

Your story must be written originally for this contest. You cannot just email me a link to something you’ve already posted elsewhere. If you want to re-use that story, that’s fine, but copy/paste the actual text and send it to me.

Neither Evolv nor I can be held responsible if you use this chalk bag to purposely put yourself in a position of danger simply to see if the chalk contained within will, in fact, dry your hands. That’s just silly.

Sorry, lower 48 states only.

Ready, GO!!


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