S – Annie, 16.2%
M – Dino, 17.65%
L – Matrix2pyro, 16.3%
XL – Porter, 13.4%

I’ll be contacting you all in a couple minutes….

As I said in the Update, nearly everyone I know had meΒ at 10-12%. (You can click here if you really want to see the pictures again.)

So, you could imagine my shock (and awe….but more like, horror) when I saw the results.

Again, a picture is worth a thousand words. πŸ™

For those of you that might have less than stellar eyesight, that’s 16.4%!!

The “cool” thing is now that I have some more reliable results, I went back to my genetic potential calculator and found out that I could actually walk around at 190lb. @ 8% bodyfat. Of course, that also means I need to gain about 25lb. of purely lean muscle and drop an additional 8% bodyfat. This will take some time, but I don’t expect it to happen within the next year. 2 years will be pushing it, but not unrealistic. We shall see what happens…

Lastly, thanks again for all your guesses!! Granted, it took bribery, but I FINALLY have a post with over 50 comments on it! :-p

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