** Deadline extended! Apply by Thursday, March 31st.

Boy, do I have a deal for (some) of you!
I put this out on my Twitter and Facebook accounts for all of my lovely followers and friends to jump on first, but their unwillingness to take action is your benefit.
I am attempting to put together a (probably) f.ree product for everyone in this entire world to use. In doing so, I need to collect data and generate content.
This is where you come in…

I have 5 spots open for LOCAL Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities Metro Area residents for f.ree (to avoid the spam bots) weightloss coaching.
It will be an 8-week course in which we deal with your previous dieting experiences, the truth about “good” and “bad” calories, the minimal effective amount of tracking, and obviously, different methods you can use to make these changes sustainable for the rest of your life.
To sum it up, it’s an 8-week course in “dieting psychology”.
I came up with this by polling my wonderful email subscribers and asking them what the toughest part about weight loss is. (You, too, can be a subscriber on the right side of the page.) The majority of the responses had to do with this transition period, when you decide to stop eating stacks of Pringles while watching The Real Wives of Atlanta and move towards a healthier, active lifestyle.

The Goods (What’s included in the course)

We will schedule group conference calls to cover information that will benefit everyone. A follow-up to those group calls will be individual calls.
You will have access to me at all times through email.
You will have the option to have me come with you while you shop for groceries.
You will have the option to have me come to your home and help you cook.
You will get 1 free training session with me at The Movement Minneapolis, and the option for a deeply discounted training package once you realize how amazeballs it is.
You get to lose weight and find a sustainable diet that works for you and your lifestyle.
All of this for f.ree!

My Payment

I get before and after pictures. (You can remain anonymous.)

I get to record any and all conference calls, group and individual. (You can remain anonymous.)
I get to keep any and all email correspondence or any other transmitted data.
If we meet in person (for whatever reason: cooking, shopping, training, etc.) and something interesting and beneficial comes up, I will ask if I can record video of said beneficial event. (You can always say no.)
I get a testimonial of your overall experience, written or video.
Lastly, I get to use any or all of the above listed items for content and/or marketing of the previously mentioned (probably) f.ree product, or for any other reason I feel.

Who I’m looking for

First off, as I already said, I’m looking for people in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Twin Cities Metro Area. I’m looking for people that have tried and failed to diet on their own. I’m looking for people that have dieted, lost weight, and then gained it back (multiple times). Age and gender do not matter.
If you fit the description above, you’re not “in” just yet. I’m also looking for people that are ready, willing, and NEED to take action. NOW.
There are only 5 spots available, so the top 5 people that are ready to take action NOW are the ones that will get in.
I will only be accepting candidates until next Wednesday, March 30th. I will make the decision by next Friday, April 1st. I promise to not play any April Fools jokes.
Even if you are not interested, don’t qualify, or aren’t in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area, but know someone that does/is, forward this on to them. I’m sure we all have a friend and/or family member that has struggled to lose weight. Here’s your chance to help them out.

The Application

Send me an email to FreeWeightlossCoaching@athletecreator.com that includes your age, name, valid email address, the reasons why you qualify, and why you want/need this coaching.
Again, please help spread the word of this offer by sending the link to this post to your friends and relatives. Share this post with your social network by using the buttons at the top or bottom of this page.
This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for weightloss coaching in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area.

Also, help a brotha out?
Thanks, y’all!

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