Disclosure of Material Connection: I received GoScope Extreme – GoPro Pole 2X  for free from GoScope as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication.

Well, what can I say? I was really excited to have the chance to try out this GoPro Pole. I haven’t had much luck capturing and sharing my mediocre snowboard skills, and my pictures have been limited to chairlifts, post-falls, and shaky helmet mount videos. Not anymore!

The GoScope Extreme – 2X is awesome because it collapses down to just 17″ for tight tree runs and can extend out to 37″ for wide open groomers. The small, compact nature is also great when I’m not using it. It fit well in my backpack, right next to my Hydroflask filled with….liquid confidence. The fact that it’s a measly 6oz. certainly makes it something that can always come with for those video-worthy moments.

Short for trees

Collapsed for trees

Long for groomers

Extended for groomers and Action Selfies


It also has two mounting platforms at the end so that if you’re a really fancy videographer, you could mount one GoPro upside-down facing forward and other facing back at you for maximum selfie satisfaction. I am neither a fancy videographer nor a great snowboarder. So, just one GoPro for me. In fact, one is too many.

The last feature I really like is the wrist cord. Comes in really handy when things like this happen:

And yes, I was using the GoScope during that fall. It survived wonderfully, and I had no worries about losing it if I accidentally let go because you can tighten it to whatever size your wrist is.

Other cool little trinkets that come with (as you can see in the first pic)  are two vest clips and a small lanyard. I used these in a different way. I put a slipknot in the lanyard and put it around the base of the GoPro mount (where it mates to the GoScope). Then clove hitched the vest clip and attached it to the pole. That way, if I took a real crasher and the GoPro disconnected from the pole, it would hopefully not be lost on the mountain, and instead just dangling behind.

Needless to say, this is going to find its way into my bag anytime I head out to ride. It small, it’s light, and I’m not afraid of a selfie here and there. Or filming sweet crashes like the one above.

Speaking of that, stay tuned for the next GoScope Extreme installment when I finish editing all of the video from that day. It’ll be just as mediocre as me!

GoScope Selfie

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