Kate's Real FoodI will admit, I’m quite late on this one (though, not nearly as late as the Climb On! Bar for Men review). As it goes with me, better late than never.

I was originally contacted by Rachel to see if I was interested in getting a few samples of Kate’s Real Food Bars. I believe my response was, “does the pope shit in the woods?” (Don’t worry, you’ll get it after it sinks in.) A few days later, these wonderful bars showed up in my mailbox. Like usual, I did my online research. Just like the Mazamabars I was lucky enough try, these, too, are made with real food. When you take a look at the ingredient list, there’s nothing you don’t recognize. SCORE!!

Product Testing

I brought these bars with on a trip up to Minnesota’s North Shore for a weekend of camping and rock climbing at Palisades Head and Shovel Point, near to where we spent New Year’s Eve in 2011. Just like the Mazamabar, I didn’t want to taint the results so I didn’t eat much, if anything, for breakfast and waited until I was completely hungry to eat these.

They are spectacular!

Kate's Real Food Tram BarThey are largely made of some kind of nut butter, chocolate, and rice. Then each bar has it’s own unique addition to make you want to try them all. The rice gives a nice “crunch” with every bite, regardless of outdoor temperature. A couple of samples also had dried fruit. This paired well with the chocolate.

Once again, these are priced right in line with their competitors like Clif and Luna. The downside is that the portion is a bit smaller. I had to eat all three bars before feeling like I was “full enough” to go on with my climbing day. Of course, not skipping breakfast could mitigate that situation. Just remember, you’re actually eating real food. Hey, I wonder if that played into the name of “Kate’s Real Food”? Hm. I guess we’ll never know.

Irregardless, the next time you’re deciding which snack bar to buy, I’d go with Kate’s Real Food Bars. You can buy them here from this link. And if you’re looking for a complete meal replacement in one bar, go with Mazamabar. They are by and far the two best bars out on the national markets in terms of nutrition, size, sustainability, and availability.

P.S. I really hate that “irregardless” is not flagged as spelled wrong by spellcheck. “Irregardless” is not a word!!!

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