Continuing in the spirit of the “Fishy” post, I made this fresh bean salsa a week after the fish. Again, what better way to show off than on video? So far I am 0 for whatever the female population of the world is. I think it’s working.

So, why am I bothering to show you this? Because this is an extremely healthy side dish and an easy way to get some extra fiber and antioxidants in your system. The beans have loads of fiber and some good protein. The peppers, onions, cilantro, and lemon and lime have shit tons of other good stuff in them. The kind of stuff that most of us are missing in our daily diets. It’s just all around good. I mean, can you PLEASE point out something in the ingredients that are bad for you? Not fresh? Over processed? Nope. You can’t. Stop arguing.

Again, the only thing I measured with this recipe is the dried beans, and the only reason I measured those was so that I knew how much water to add to rehydrate them. So, in this instance, here’s what I used:

1/2 Cup each of Black, Baby Red, and Pinto beans
Fresh Cilantro
1 Lemon
1 Lime (I used 2 in the vid but it was overpowering)
1/4 of Red onion
1/4 of White onion
4 Cerrano Peppers
Chili Powder

Rehydrate the beans overnight. Cook them in a light rolling boil until soft. While that’s rockin’, cut your onions, peppers, and cilantro into good sized chunks and toss them in a food processor. (A food processor is not required but extremely helpful.) Drain and rinse the beans, mix all the shit together in a bfb, call it d-u-n, dun!

Note: In the video, you’ll hear me use the word “bland” to describe the flavor. After watching it, that’s not what I meant to say. There was actually TONS of flavor (and it was even better the next day). What I wanted to say was that there was just too much of ONE flavor at the time. It is still quite amazing though. I definitely had to give myself a pat on the back for putting that all together. Nice job. Way to go team.

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