I’m gonna make this quick as I am typing on my phone.

Basically, I’m headed to get my body composition tested tonight. I will give away one free small, medium, large, and extra large t-shirt to the people with the closest guesses of my measured bodyfat percentage.

The rules:

1) Your guess has to be in the comment box below the article. Not on Facebook, not on Twitter, and not a reply to this email. Comment box. You must include your guess and what size shirt you want so I know what category to put you in.

2) I’ll be giving away one shirt in each size (S-XL).

3) Shirts will be given away in ethe order of the guesses are received. So, it’s in your best interest to guess earlier rather than later.

4) I will take the guesses (from each size group) that are closest to the actual percentage. So, it’s ok to go over. It’s not like The Price is Right.

5) I’ll post the official results on Friday when I announce the winners so you all know I’m not just picking favorites. Haha.

Sorry for the bad lighting and the ugly mug. There’s much I can do about either of them. Sad Panda.

Let the guessing begin!!


Between myself, all of you, and 3 other trainers, I was pegged between 10-12%. I would have bet large sums of money on it.

Here’s the hint:

Only 1 person is remotely and NO ONE has gone over.

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