Just kind of wondering how active people’s active lifestyles are. I think I may be undercrediting mine.

Back when I was a dude-brah gym rat, I thought I had an active lifestyle – sit on my ass for 9 hours at work, workout for an hour, and then come home and sit on my ass for the rest of the evening. That’s active, right?
Then I started reminiscing about the past week up to this point right now.

Last Tuesday, I climbed in the gym for 2.5 hours. Wednesday, I ran 3 miles (that’s a marathon for me). Thursday I climbed for another hour. I took Friday off to make the 4 hr. trek to Blue Mounds for an extended weekend of climbing, camping, and hiking.

Saturday’s breakfast was homemade breakfast burritos, complete with tortillas. You gotta have tortillas. After that, it was about a 2 mile hike (on flat pavement) with two people’s climbing gear to the crag, because I’m told that I’m “someone’s” mule. I put in 5-7 single-pitch climbs, belayed some people, and walked around a little bit. This lasted approximately 6-8 hours, and I skipped lunch. Dinner was all super healthy, natural foods….except the desserts and beer, of course.

Sunday was very similar: burritos, walk to crag, climb some things, belay some things, skip lunch, eat Uh-Ma-Zing catfish cooked over the campfire by Tram Anh, play around in 60-mph winds and driving rain. (True Story)

Monday. MORE BURRITOS!! Then a cool 20 min. hike to a different crag. Then I did no such thing as climbing and/or belaying. What I did is called lounging. I set up my ENO Doublenest, and Anh and I watched the rest of the people crush. Made the return 20 min. hike back to the car and headed home.

You’d think we’d be sore from three consecutive days of high activity, right? Naaahhhhhh

On Monday, we had a healthy dose of kettlebells: 1-arm clean and jerk, deadlifts, and swings to be exact. All topped off with ten, 40 yard hill sprints. Dinner was sautéed veggies and tofu.

Don’t worry, we’re almost done here.

Last night, it finally hit me. Almost. We went to the climbing gym to work on some endurance stuff. I attempted exactly 3 “not as easy as they should have been” lead climbs, a V4 boulder problem, and a V3 boulder problem…over the course of 2 hours. That’s not endurance. That’s way less than a usual session.

So, here I sit today, hamstrings sore from swinging and sprinting, triceps sore from clean and jerks, and forearms and skin on my hands sore from climbing and bouldering. I will admit, I contemplated taking this evening off and getting some things done around the apartment. But then I realized that it’s been a week since I did a “long” run. So instead of sitting in front of my laptop and cleaning up, I think I’ll go for a run instead.

How active is your lifestyle?

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