This thought occured to me as I was talking with a client tonight. (Yes, it hurt a little; no, it’s not original or earth shattering.)

“If you only exercising for 3 hours a week, what are you doing the other 165 hours to make sure you don’t demolish all that you’re working for?”

Hell, maybe you’re a total gym rat that works out 10 hours a week…..but then sit on your ass every other minute of the day.

Even at 10 hours (which is much much more than most people will devote to being active), that’s only 5.95% of your entire week.

If you’re already overweight and just starting a new workout routine, how can you justify eating KFC for dinner to “reward” yourself for a lousy hour on the treadmill (of all lame-ass things)?

Here’s step one to controlling the other 94.05% of your time:

Put down the fork.

Step two: sign-up at The Daily Plate.

Step 4: Enter the food you eat.

  • Don’t worry about the time of day. Who cares?
  • Try to enter it daily
    • The world will not end if you forget a day
    • Try remember to enter it the following day
    • Don’t go emo
  • Simply guess at the amount you’ve eaten.
    • Accuracy is not the main concern right now
    • Getting in the habit of seeing *what* you eat is

I can eat this, but you can't.It’s very easy to be like, “yeah, dude, I just pile drived an entire pizza” and not really think about it.

But if you put it down in a food log, it’s going to be staring at you right in the face, saying, “hahaha, sucker!!! You just ate 3,000 calories in one sitting!”

So, start there. Report back with your results. Because if you don’t, the I will be emo.

Don’t Miss Your Chance

I was stuck in Corporate America for 9 years. I was miserable.

Then I took control.

You can too, and it starts right here.