So, it’s been like, 6 months since my last post. Not exactly the best way to create a loyal readership following. My fault. (Sad squirrel)

I’ve had quite a few things I’ve liked to post about, as well as have a guest post just sitting, waiting to be published. Again, I say, “my fault.”

Anyways, this is gonna be super-quick. I could go into detail about the psychology-physiology relationship, but I just want you to chew on this yourself, and then let me know what you come up with.

Here’s the scenario:

You’re trying to lose weight, in the form of what would be delicious fat if we had natural predators.

You don’t notice this, but since I’m bringing it up, you will. You’re going to think back and realize that while you’re active (either in the gym or around the house, playing with kids, pets, slip ‘n’ slides, etc.) you don’t really feel the hunger sensation causing you to eat. In fact, you’re having so much fun, you don’t realize anything except whatever it is you’re doing.

Next, you’re going to realize that if your brain is actively engaged with something you are generally interested in, that you will not feel those hunger sensations either. Examples of this could be studying for a test, researching your next big purchase, playing an intstrument, challenging your grandma to a game of battle sudoku.

What you do realize is that when you’re bored, you eat. When you’re forced in a situation you don’t want to be in, you eat (if there’s food available). If you have to do anything that doesn’t interest you and allows your brain to wander aimlessly through the metaphysical space, you eat.

Maybe that last sentence is a “well, duuhhhhhh” for you. If it is, why do you keep doing it? If it’s not, be mindful.

Here’s where your homework comes in:

What can you do help your fat-loss using the two points above, regarding not feeling the hunger sensation? What is the link between the two? How can you ensure you fall into those categories and not the last one? Do you think this is only applicable to fat-loss?

See you in another 6 months? (Angry komodo dragon…..even though it’s my fault)

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