I’ve typed this many times, but I feel like it should be its own post so that I can just link to it any time I may need it again in the future (and right now). So, if you’re confused, or just don’t take the time to read the instructions carefully when you sign-up, here they are again. (Also, don’t tell me to sign-up for Aweber. I will when I can. You know who you are. :-p )

(Yeah, you saw that right. I used a smiley.)

1) Sign-up over on the right or by clicking this link.

** If you forego paying attention to the instructions on the next few pages (which is why I’m writing this), read on….

2) Go to your inbox of the email address you used to subscribe and look for a confirmation link. If it’s there, click it to confirm your subscription. If it’s not there……

3) Go to your SPAM and/or Junk folder of the email address you used to subscribe and look for the link there. If it’s there, mark it as “safe”, and move it to your inbox. THEN click on the confirmation link.

3a) If it’s not in your inbox OR your Junk/SPAM, wait another couple minutes. If it still hasn’t arrived in either folder, try signing up again or contact me at: Dave@athletecreator.com

3b) (This one is important!!) If the confirmation link was delivered to your Junk/SPAM folder, you need to add my email address to your “Safe List” so that all future emails get delivered to your inbox instead of your Junk/SPAM. Again, my address is: Dave@athletecreator.com

4) One way or another, once you’ve clicked the confirmation link, you’re done. You can go rub one out because you are so overjoyed that you now have direct access to me!

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