A lot of people aren’t going to read this today. Just so you have a frame of reference, it’s the day before Memorial Day and yesterday was the day I officially celebrated my certification. When I woke up this morning, needless to say, my brain was not fully functional. There were many many beers drank and way too much sun for this albino. Oh yeah, I was telling you about something. So, I woke up and had a random email from one of my supersweet readers. She just wanted to let me know that my nonsensical ramblings have helped her lose 40lb in 2 months!

Now, keep in mind, she’s not a client. She’s a reader just like you, has sent me a couple emails about some specific questions, but it was her decision to take action! The biggest and hardest step to take is that first one. She took it and totally rocked it out. Here’s what she had to say….

Just wanted to let you know that in just under 2 months I have lost 40 pounds, and counting… I put on some baby weight with my last child, and some “depression” weight. I have been reading your posts, and trying some of your suggested foods. I have more to lose, but I wanted to let you know that your work is appreciated, and has helped me find myself again! I wore a swimsuit at the beach today… not a bikini (lmao)… but I didn’t wear a pair of shorts, or tee shirt over my suit. I cannot remember the last time I felt comfortable enough to do that!

My co-worker was also pretty pissed when I stepped up on the scale at work! Numbers don’t lie! She has been working really hard to lose weight too. She has lost about 5-7 pounds more than I have, but she runs like 5 miles a day, does the traditional sit ups, push ups, blah, blah, blah, and she has dramatically changed her family’s diet. I lost the first 20 by changing my diet ONLY. When I started exercising, and using free weights the second 20 seemed to just melt off. It has taken her several months to lose her weight. Anyways, thanks again for all your newsletters, and advice!

So, without being all gooie, and mushy, Thank you. My heart, my head, and my health thank you!!!

Normally, I’d leave it at that, but there’s some awesome things I’d like to point out. Notice how it sounds like it has taken her sister almost TWICE as long to lose nearly the same amount of weight by doing the traditional run until you puke program? This reader hasn’t told me if she runs at all, but the fact that she left it out and specifically notes that she uses FREEWEIGHTS, not lame ass machines, makes me believe she’s doing little to no running.

All you ladies that are still running long distances day in and day out for the sake of losing weight, please take note and STOP DOING IT!! If you need ideas how to increase your cardio for fatloss but don’t know what else to do, drop me an email. I can suggest things using only the stuff you have lying around the house or no equipment at all! I have answered every single email I’ve ever gotten and the person sending it has always followed up with great results. I’m here for you. Use me like the tool I am. Wat??



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