I know, kids, it seems like I haven’t really been blogging about nutrition and/or specific topics lately, right? It’s not that I’m running out of topics, it’s just…..that I’m bored.

This week has been exceptionally boring. I’ve been even more disengaged from work (if you can believe that); I’m oh so incredibly bored with pretty much everything on the interwebs (pretty sure I’ve read everything); interacting on Twitter has gotten somewhat boring (I have to filter through so many tweets just to avoid getting pissed off at retardation).

I’m quite certain I’ve listened to Lil’ Wayne’s last two CDs about 18 times in the past 4 days. That has given me some enjoyment, but my friends don’t appreciate my whiteness trying to recreate the blackness.

Oddly enough, I haven’t been in a bad mood. I just don’t really care about anything right now. You know, going through the days like an emotionless zombie (except much better looking).

About the only thing that almost gets me excited is opening deer hunting season this weekend. But that’s where my enthusiasm ends. I can’t even think of anything to elaborate on that. Meh.

The high point of my week was listening to an audiobook. I finished it in a day and a half. -.-

I am rather excited to put that new information to work, but that won’t be for another 3 weeks at least. -.-

So, what I’m asking from all of you is…….tell me a story. Please? Pretty please?

Any interesting topics you’re learning about? Something in your life has you excited?

Something? Anything?

mkay, back to Lil Wayne and staring blankly at my screen.

P.S. Pretty sure this is my most incoherent, unorganized, self-loathing, and uninteresting post to date.


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