Not at all actually. In fact, if I were rich, do you think I’d be messing with this website on top of a full-time engineering career? Do you think I would have used a tricky link title like “I’m RICH!”? But it worked, right?

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NSCA-CSCS Exam Tutoring: Be one of the first to sign-up for a 50% discount! 
Training Templates: Starting at $50 
Nutritional Services: Starting at $35
Bootcamps: Want to learn about diet and fitness in person? Get some people together, and we’ll make it happen. I’ll also announce some from time to time if you’re in the Minneapolis or Holcombe, WI area.**
For details on any and all of these, please email me using the the Contact link in the Navigation Bar

OH!!! And don’t think I’m above begging because I am most definitely NOT! This site costs money as does training equipment. If you are that huge a fan, feel free to toss some of your hard earned coin my way (I promise, I’ll love you long time if you do):


**= Weekday locations include the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Weekend locations are negotiable.

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