Yup, you read that correctly. According to my co-worker, I’m losing my pump. No. Actually, he says that I’ve lost my pump and that he’s going to take over this website since he has done an amazing job of adding nearly 20lb. of mass over the past 9-10 months.

Wait, screw him. I’m still stronger, I just don’t have the mass. Plus, this site isn’t about him. It’s about me, me, me, me! Right? No? Oh. My bad.

So, what in the hell am I thinking?

This is relevant

I’m thinking that I really really really love rock climbing. So much that I’ve already spent a couple several hundred dollars on  it, and I plan on spending that much, or more, in the very near future.

For the longest of time, since I stepped on the field for the last time in 2004 (that’s a long time ago), I’ve basically been training for aesthetic reasons (read: look great naked). Yes, I would make strength and size gains, but going to the gym had no purpose other than looking good in a suit. A birthday suit, if you will.

I now have a reason. To become an amazing climber….at some point.

But to go along with being an amazing climber, I need to grow some muscles and let others shrink.

So I won't have big quads, I don't think the ladies would mind guys looking like this.


I know, it’s been a hit on my psyche as well, but it’s the truth. One thing I learned this past year is that “your form will follow your function.” Meaning, if you train like a football player, you will look like a football player. If you sit in an office chair all day and then come home and sit on a couch, you will look exactly like you do so as well. In my case, my workouts are now geared towards climbing. Eventually I will look like a climber.

I never really liked squatting and deadlifting maximal weights. I just did it to continue looking great and symmetrical. Now those extra pounds of meat on my hips and legs just weigh me down while hanging on a wall. I never had a big chest, but this just lets me justify NOT having one now. Haha, funny.

I don’t actually know where this post is going anymore.

My point is, your body will look the way you want it to look based on your goals. For *most* people, that requires fat loss. In my case, that requires a little fat loss, some muscle loss, and gaining a lot of tendon strength in my hands and shoulders. It sucks, but I’m accepting it based on my goals. It also will help DRASTICALLY when I need to buy a new pair of pants. I won’t need the expensive, designer, athletic cut anymore. And that will make my wallet happy.

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