So, in an attempt to continue resolving my psychological state issues, I’m going to try a new [to me] blogging format. For the most part, I’m just going to try blogging more frequently. This method is not novel in any way. It’s how a lot of people do it. They’ll mix in some shorter, “fun” posts along with the good, juicy content. I’ve focused, for the most part, on the good, juicy stuff, and just mixed my humor in along the way. Well, I’m going to follow the crowd and test it out.

I’ve stated several times that I can only write while in eustress, but that I’m rarely in eustress long enough to finish some of my longer posts. Ding, ding, ding, ding!!!

“How ’bout you try this, asshole: write shorter posts that you can finish while you’re still in eustress.” – Whoa! Alright!

It’s hard to describe what I have in mind, but the shorter posts will be less educational and more informational in nature. Does that even make sense? I don’t know. Basically, I’m going to use it as a Twitter account that allows more than 140 characters at a time. If I read something and it deserves a reaction, I’ll post about it. If a worthy thought pops in my head, I’ll write a few paragraphs and publish it. For the most part, they’re going to be my ‘on the spot, first reaction’ to whatever I’m thinking. They won’t have a lot of background information or research done beforehand, other than what I already know of the subject. I’ve already had several things I’ve wanted to write about in this way, but my employer felt that I needed to do some work instead. Hmph.

And you don’t have to worry, if you’re subscribed to my website, which you should be, I won’t blast you with an email every time I post something new. Because honestly, I may post once a day, twice a day, or just as infrequently as now. I really don’t know. So with that in mind, I’m thinking I’ll send one email a week with links to all of the articles published that week.

I still plan on having longer, educational posts that you have all grown to love as well, right? RIGHT?!?!

The way I see it, it’s a win-win. I write more when I’m happy. I’m happy because I write. You get more lol’s and informations. A puppy is born. And world hunger is solved.

“By working within your existing limits, you can expand them faster.”

Now, where have I heard that before??????

Don’t Miss Your Chance

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Then I took control.

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