Nutrition Services

You can click on my nutrition section and see how my views have changed over the past year. I used to be a clean eating, Paleo zealot. That is me no more. I believe in doing the minimal effective amount to achieve or maintain your performance, physique, and internal wellness goals.

I base diet off of two key principles: sufficient protein and calories. From those two principles, I then examine your lifestyle and what works for YOU and YOUR goals. What works for one person, may not work for you. You may process fats very well but are horrible at digesting carbohydrates, while the person standing next to you is the exact opposite. With my simple and effective testing methods, we can find out what is best for YOU.

Regardless of what your situation is, I WILL find an eating method that will get you results and that you can MAINTAIN long term. My long term goal for each and every one of my clients is to allow them to continue to eat the foods they love and cherish, including fast food and desserts, as well as get the body and health they’ve always wanted. It can be done, people!

Services I provide…

  • Simple diet analyzation and recommended changes
  • Full-time consultations and “programs”
  • Take me grocery shopping*
  • Cooking lessons**

Grocery Shopping: Just as it says, we’ll put together a menu for you to follow for the week and then go buy it. When we’re there I’ll show you how to read ingredient labels and compare stuff you need versus stuff that’s just good at marketing. We’ll also compare the stuff that we’re buying to the stuff that you normally buy.

Cooking lessons: Maybe you’re just not confident in cooking simple, healthy meals. I have meals that will knock your socks off that are nothing more than chicken breasts, veggies, and other simple ingredients that take no longer than 30 min. to cook. Again, click on my nutrition link to see some examples.

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