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26 year oldWhen I was 26 years old spouting off nutritional information and advice, there was resounding push-back due to my “unconventional” practices.

Because everyone knows, if you look like this, it’s 100% age and “good genetics.” No fucking way I knew what I was talking about back then, right?

Dave the TrainerI heard ALLLLL the reasons about how I didn’t know what I was talking about.

Intermittent Fasting is bad for you. Like, it’s just unhealthy.

You can’t binge eat one meal a day; your body will store the unused calories as fat.

You’re only 26 years old, what the fuck do you know?

You’re only 26 years old, you can eat anything because your metabolism is so high.

It’s genetics.

You can’t eat like that after you turn 30. 

You’re going to be fat after 30.

You can’t get lean eating junk food.

Go ahead. Tell me more. I’m clearly a genetic gift from Republican Jesus now that I’m 32 and still look like this, right?

If you read between the lines, they weren’t actually giving me any reasons that I was wrong. At least none they could back up. No one wants to believe it’s actually possible to eat the food you love and not completely hate every second losing weight.

Junk FoodBut you’ve seen me doing it.

You’ve watched me live this lifestyle FOR SIX YEARS NOW!

I still practice intermittent fasting, but I know it’s not for everyone. There are other methods too, and I know how to use them as well.

You see me post pictures of the shit food I eat.

You see me post pictures of the “clean” food I eat.


You know I remain moderately active.

You know I’m just like you and work 14 hour days at a computer.

How do you know these things?

Because you’re reading this right now.

I am not sharing this link anywhere else. Not Twitter. Not Instagram. Not Pinterest. Not my LowGravityAcents Facebook page.

This page is not visible on my site.

The only way you are seeing this page is if you clicked on it through my personal Facebook page. And if you’re my friend on Facebook, you’re someone I truly want to help because most of you are people I actually know and care about in real life.

This is what I have been doing:

LeeksPracticing a lifestyle of balance.

For all the hours I spend not eating, I make up for it in large meals. Because I enjoy eating large meals.

For all the shit food I eat, I’m also eating all-natural food as well.

For all the times I spend 12 hours climbing, I spend 120 sitting squarely on my ass.

For all the times you read my Debbie Downer posts, I am genuinely happy that I get to do whatever the fuck I want with my life. Like live in a van or live in Thailand.

My relationship with food is great.

If I feel like eating an entire bag of chips in one sitting, I gladly do so. I made my peace with that decision before I even opened the bag. You will learn to do the same.

Can you imagine how great that is? To sit there and plow through an entire box of Frosted Flakes in one sitting and be GLAD you did it? Because you know that not only did it not, and will not, affect your physique or goals whatsoever, but also because you know it will actually help you reach your goals faster!!

Seriously, who doesn’t want a coach that tells you to save your money on bullshit preworkout supplements? You want something just as good as that $5 per serving drink? Try something along the lines of this:

Pre workout

You don’t have time to eat a magically formulated meal with the precise ratio of macros made of angel tears and unicorn shit within 30 minutes of your last rep? I don’t give a fuuuuuuuuuccckkkk.

The physiological gains from that magical meal are so damn trivial that it’s not worth the stress of freaking out if you can’t get to it. Seriously, think about it. What’s more important:

  1. Going in to your workout with a positive attitude and crushing it for 45 minutes to an hour and a half, and then eating 1, 2, …THREE hours later when you’re relaxed and can enjoy what you’re eating,


  1. Being worried about your workout because you already know ahead of time you can’t have a meal blessed by within 30 minutes of finishing, therefore having a shitty workout, being pissed you didn’t have your magical shake, and potentially be in a bad mood for the next several hours?

That does NOT make you a better person.

That does NOT make the people around you better.

That DOES leave your cortisol levels raised a lot longer than they need to be.

That DOES negatively affect your gut health and how much you can actually utilize the nutrition available in your bloodstream.

And you know what? You don’t need to know the intricate details of that shit either.

Underwater GoPro SelfieWith my protein and caloric guidelines, along with the 80/20 rule, it doesn’t matter what is actually going on in your body.

Who. The fuck. Cares?

What do YOU care about?

You care about reaching your physique goals, either losing fat or gaining muscle.

You care about not having to stress over how many meals per day you have to eat, at a precise time, or risk losing everything.

You care about feeling good about yourself.

You care about looking good in the mirror.

You care about looking good in the mirror naked.

So why care about the teeny tiny, minuscule things that only account for FRACTIONS OF A PERCENT of the things that actually affect the outcome of a program?

PBJ20Don’t get me wrong, you still can’t eat PB&J 2.0’s day in and day out, meal after meal, but there is absolutely a time and place for eating two of them in one sitting.

I will encourage you to do that, when you need to do it.

Because the sooner you get that out of (or, into) your system, the sooner you can get back on track and focus on the 80% of big wins. One or two meals out of the entirety of a whole week will NOT destroy your progress. It WILL HELP if done at the right time, in the right way, for the right reasons. And that’s exactly what I can teach you.

So many people care about the right here, right now thing that’s staring them in the face. Their whole world, in this moment, is this god damn 1,000 calorie peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s like they forget how hard the’ve worked the week prior, or how hard they WILL work the week ahead.

They’ve forgotten that 2 days ago, they were so busy, they only ate one small meal.

You have to reframe your mind. You have to realize there isn’t just a big picture, there is a GIANT picture to consider. What you eat in a singular meal has very little to do with the other 80 years of your life. Get it?

Dave Sandel GoPro Bouldering Dyno

Looking at calories on a meal to meal, or even day to day basis is incredibly short sighted. What has your overall eating plan looked like over the past week? Two weeks? Three weeks?

What type of trend are you on? Have you slowly been slipping, or are you gaining momentum and seeing results in the mirror?

These are all indicators of how you should or should not eat. Your mental state is an indicator of how you should or should not eat.

You have to reframe how you look at food.

There is no clean food or dirty food. It’s just food.

The more adaptive your body becomes to various food sources, under various mental and physical stresses, the better it becomes at utilizing the nutrition available and taking energy from your excess fat stores when it needs it.

You’ve seen me mention your mental state a lot because that is where your relationship with food begins. Food affects your mental state and your mental state affects how you eat. Which then affects how you look.

If you want to have a great relationship with food, if you want to live a life of balance, if you want to have the most flexible and adaptive body ever, we must address your psychology. And that’s what this course is all about. Even beyond food. Because in order to have a [figuratively] bulletproof mind, you can’t let other shit and other people affect you either. Or at least will try to minimize that as much as possible.

Do you think I care this picture is slightly effeminate? Do you think I care if you think it’s slightly effeminate? I’m on a fucking beach in Thailand and have amazing hair. What the fuck do I care what anyone else thinks? That mindset goes a long way.

Samet Ville Swing

So finally, the big question…

How much is this going to cost??

After 4 long years of living this lifestyle and trading my training business for writing and rock climbing business, I am opening up my coaching services to 5 people. That’s it. Just 5. Five people for the next six months.

With the right five people, 5 motivated people that will take my suggestions, try them, and then formulate their own experiments, I can fit 5 more people into my life.

This is open to men and women, male and females, young and old, gay and straight, Christian and Muslim, white and black. It is open to you, ALL of my friends.

And not only you guys, but your friends and family too.

I have spent upwards of $10,000 on my own personal development that has gotten me to this point. I have lived this lifestyle for the past 6 years. I have become someone that many of you openly and privately express your admiration for my life choices, including how I look.

Fat-2I am not a unique snowflake. My genetics are not superior. I have times when life gets in the way too. But then I get back on that horse and ride it all the way into Sexytown. See? It happens to the best of us. ———>

It pays to know what the hell I’m doing. And I’d love to pass that information on to you.

This 6 month package will cost you $2,399.99 if you pay in full, OR I’ve set up a 6 month payment option for $449.99 per month.

That means you save about $300 if you pay in full.

I’m not naive. I could hear the collective eye rolls once you read that number. IT’S A BIG NUMBER!!

But is it really?

$400 a month?

You’re not buying a course. You don’t click buy and pre-packaged bullshit meal plans show up in your inbox.

You’re buying my time and over 15 years of experience and knowledge.

You’re buying a someone that is going to help YOU address YOUR current limitations.

You’re buying a cooking instructor.

You’re buying a personal shopping helper.

You’re buying almost 24/7 access directly to me via facebook, email, text, FaceTime, or even Snapchat!

Still not entirely sure what your money is buying you and have questions? Just ask me right here right now! Yes, I’m that easy to get ahold of when you need me. And it will be like that for the next 6 months while you’re on this path.

** By emailing me, you are not signing up for anything, you are not obligated to buy anything, I will not be annoying you with newsletters and sales pitches. This is simply an email that gets delivered straight to my inbox.

This is not P90x. You are not buying a cheerleading coach. You are not buying someone that is going to sell you bullshit Beachbody shakes. When you have an actual roadblock, I have the knowledge to help you bypass it, not just say, “I don’t, try harder! Yeah! You can do it! I believe in you! Will power!!!”

Barf on a stick. I’d rather you eat some junk food, deal with your stress, and continue on even faster.

I’m not going to make you buy any shakes or any other supplement for that matter unless you really think it will help your goals. And even then, I only suggest 4.

Peanut butter and banana granolaI focus 100% on getting you to eat and enjoy REAL FOOD. Definitely not all on Day 1, probably not even week 1, but by the end of month 6, you will no longer need me.

You will have made significant changes to your body composition.

I will have TAUGHT you how to overcome obstacles. How to think for yourself. How to experiment, test, evaluate the results, and then try again.

I am giving you the skills to manage your weight, manage your relationship with food, and manage the way you feel for the rest of your life in just 6 short months. That’s it.

All of my solutions and my methods are applicable. That is, I believe in giving you ideas and information that you can ACT on. This is applied nutrition and psychology. It is not theoretical.

Would you rather learn from someone that just lost 20lb. in 6 weeks by being incredibly strict, shoving hundreds of dollars worth of commercially produced shakes down their throat, working out twice a day, and hating every minute of it?

Or would you rather learn from someone that’s seamlessly incorporated it and made it a lifestyle? A sustainable lifestyle that I live every single day?

Top of Rewritten

—–> 6 months and $2,399.99 <—–

It’s decent amount of money right now. I get that. But how much are you saving in the long run by eating less, losing weight, going to the doctor less, and feeling better about yourself for the rest of your life?

Not to mention all the sex you’ll be having. CAN YOU REALLY PUT A PRICE ON THAT?!?!?!

This is not a cost thing. It’s a quality of life thing.

I have no doubt that I have 5 friends that will see the VALUE in adding those things to their lives so don’t forget that there is only 5 spots available. I’m also only going to share this a couple times so if you lose the link, it’s not like this is going to pop up in your feed again 4 weeks down the road. If you’re still reading this and questioning if it’s something you really need, you probably do.

What other programs have you come across direct phone access to a coach almost 24/7? That are going to address your specific needs? That will teach you how to cook and grocery shop? And drastically improve other aspects of your life by virtue of happiness and confidence?

It’s time to stop questioning if you can afford it. This is your body. Your life. How can you NOT afford it?

Click here to take control of your food. Forever.

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