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The Street Food of Thailand

Thailand Street Food F I N A L L Y the post you've all been waiting for... STREET FOOD IN THAILAND! The Bangkok and Chiang Mai edition. You can bet your ass there will be follow-up posts about food. It's so damn amazing, and I know I haven't eaten everything possible...

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We are all just lost stars

...Let's See Where We Wake Up Tomorrow... I went to an open mic jazz session last night on the edge of Chiang Mai's Old City. It was amazing. But I didn't get to sleep until 3am. Then I woke up at 7am. I didn't want to get out of bed, but I forced myself to. I still...

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How to get to Ko Samet from Bangkok

So now that I've convinced you to go to Ko Samet, I bet you're wondering what the best possible way to get there is. Transportation to Ko Samet You've got 4 choices: Taximeter Minibus 2nd Class bus First Class bus Taximeter will be fastest, most comfortable, and most...

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Sleeper Train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

I'm still WAY behind on posts. (I'm pretty sure I'll be behind the entire time. This place is so inspiring I just want to write all the thing all the times.) But while this is fresh in my head, I want to update you on getting from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train. Once...

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