That title actually has nothing to do with this post other than I’m doing some major pimping of my colleagues.

I don’t read these people’s blogs just because they’re my Movement Coaching colleagues; I read them because they write things that make me better and usually expand on a topic I might already be toying around with but not have enough information to put together coherent thoughts.

[P.S. I am not a certified Movement Coach yet. Unlike other certifications, this one actually requires you to earn it through self-practice and client results.]

I also read them to help out in any way I can. One of the great things about being associated with this group of people is that we all recognize that we don’t know everything. We are scientists and test everything. So, if I’ve already conducted a similar experiment, I’ll throw in my associations, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have a different outcome.

With that said…

*Kat Williams’ voice* Pimpin’, pimpin’, pimpin’….

The Regulars

frankie Faires (fF) is the creator of The Gym Movement. I treat fF’s mind like a non-renewable resource. I know he can help me with damn near any issue I’m having, but I only like to ping him as a last resort. It would honestly scare the shit outta me if I could get inside his mind. He’s like the Darkside of The Fore and the Jedi side of The Force all wrapped in one but can control which side he’d like to invoke at any given moment. That’s scary.

Oh, and he trains MMA fighters. Ones that actually fight in a cage. He does not wear Tap-out. (Or so he claims.)

fF used to be a certified RKC (at some level) and Z-health certified (at some level). He quit both because he CREATED something better: The Movement.

Adam T Glass (ATG) has recently been blogging his daily training progress in “Field Reports”. He also, blogs about awesome shit. Like, “Man Skills: How To Fight A Great White Shark With A Chain Saw”.

ATG used to be an RKC II-FMS until he found something better: The Movement.

Mike T Nelson is still too smart for his own good. I just wish he’d stop stealing my ideas. Hahahaha, kidding, kidding. Check out the results of a pull-up challenge using Biofeedback/Gym Movement he posted on his site.

Mike is still officially listed as an RKC and Z-health Master Trainer, but there are rumors swirling that he may just let them expire because he found something better: The Movement.

Megan K brings something new to the table that most of us in the group never give a though to: zumba. Her specialties don’t stop there. She’s also a personal trainer, psychological state management phenomeness, Superhero (Part I, and Part II), and recently ditched the bitch bands. (“Bitch bands” being the assisted pull-up bands.)

Dave Dellanave’s (DDN) blog isn’t up at the moment. He blogs about much more than training and life-type stuff. I have seen a lot of technology, marketing, and IT posts in the past. No idea if he’s heading in a different direction or not. Irregardless, he’s on a quest to rename the “deadlift” to the “Dellanave”. (A guy that can pull 3.1 times his bodyweight is allowed to have that goal.)

The New-to-You’s

Will Williams (W2) is by far, one of the funniest/most interesting dudes I’ve met in The Movement. Between his younger days, military days, love of automobile accidents, and absolute metal fiend, there’s not many topics he can’t contribute something. He has a very unique writing style infusing military jargon, metal band lyrics, and overall big, fancy words. It’s an easy to read style, but challenges you to get in his mind at the same time. iLike.

W2 recently returned to The Movement Minneapolis to train with ATG for a weekend. I had no choice but to blow his mind with my superior dancing skills. Twice. If you’re near Philly, you absolutely need to get in contact with W2.

W2 ditched his “Senior RKC-FMS” title because he found something better: The Movement.

Sean Geddes specializes in something near and dear to my heart: endurance training. PUKE!! He is the guy to go to for Biofeedback training for endurance. He competes in triathalons and the individual sports as well. I can’t fully hate him though. Dude can do pull-ups and muscle-ups like nobody’s f*ckin business.

He owns and operates Invictus Vires Movement and Strength Coaching out of Portland, OR. I don’t know his official status, but I know that he WAS a certified RKC until he found something better: The Movement.

Gary Berenbroick. I really can’t say much more than that, and if you’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure of interacting with him, you’d understand. He’s got the word “bro” in his name; he likens himself to a shaved ewok; and he sometimes comments on my posts under the alias of “Athlete Deflator”. What’s NOT to like about this guy??

He owns and operates Kettlebells 4U out of Paoli, PA. He’s a lot stronger and smaller than me so I have no qualms with calling him a hobbit even if he prefers shaved ewok. Gary used to be an RKC-II Instructor until he found something better: The Movement.

Darryl Lardizabal has a name that is both difficult and fun to say at the same time. He’s Asian so naturally he’s a lot more philisophical than me, possibly even better at math but doubtful. He also has a tendency to to bust out some breakdancing moves when he’s bored. I get slightly jealous when I see that or that he too can deadlift 3 times his bodyweight. But then I realize I don’t need a stool to get a glass out of the cupboard. And that makes me giggle.

He owns Apolaki Fitness and Fat to Fit Bootcamp in Sacramento, CA. He offers a shit ton of services and is exceptional at all of them. Darryl is still Z-health certified, but I’m willing to guess he won’t be paying for any additional courses. Why? The Movement.

Lastly, we have another female Candidate and blogger. Everyone, I present to you, Amy Jurrens. Amy does an amazing job tracking her workouts, diet, and psychological state in her posts. I would like to see some more of her theoretical ideas and why she’s doing what she’s doing rather than just inferring them from her posts, but hey, that’s not really her style. I can’t be too critical.

I haven’t had a chance to really get to know Amy, but I’m fully expecting her to make a trip up to The Movement Minneapolis this winter. The drive from Iowa may be boring, but it’ll be well worth it. I’m happy to inform you that Amy is likely to be a soon-to-be former RKC as well in exchange for The Movement.

And that’s that

As you can see, this group has a very interesting dynamic. We’ve got kettlebell’ers, endurance athlete’s, a zumba instructor, a professional strongman, an MMA fighter/coach, and yours truly, a self-professed lover of barbells, olympic lifts, and athletic development.

We may all have different backgrounds, but we are all heading in the same directions: better and better, faster.

Who do you associate with? How does that affect you? What direction are YOU heading?

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