I’ve only got 20 minutes until I have to leave to go lift with Mike T Nelson so let’s make this quick…

(In no particular order, mind you…..)

  1. Huge-ass pans of scrambeled eggs – 5 or 6 whole eggs scrambeled up with about 3-4 cups of veggies and some ham. My veggies of choice are: broccoli, cauliflower, onions, red pepper, and mushrooms.
  2. New Music – I’ve gotten a ton of new music in the past couple of days. Everything from Top 40 to mainstream hip hop to mainstream metal and some underground stuff of each. I also went to the Drowning Pool, Five Finger Death Punch, and Godsmack concert last week. So awesome. 
  3. This muhfuckin’ wind! – I’m pretty sure there’s consistent 60 mph wind gusts outside right now. My $3 umbrella from Walgreens held up nicely though.
  4. Julie the Bulldog – As Adam said in this post, she is an extremely interesting dog. Having just lost my dog, naturally Julie brings a smile to my face. She’s not really all that sleek in design so when she gets excited, shit just starts shaking and rolling back and forth. She’s pretty cute too…
  5. Stronger Grip Plateau Buster – Most of you aren’t lucky enough to have access to a *A* kettlebell, much less one heavy enough to be all that effective. Now, here I am spoiled with this gargantuan. (P.S. I cannot swing 430 lb., but 215 lb. ain’t bad either.)
  6. Strongman Log Clean and Jerk – Very similar to Olympic style clean and jerk except that the log is, well, in the shape of a log. It brings some interesting dynamics to the lift. My best olympic C&J is 220lb. I’m only 20 behind that with the log.
  7. Hot Chick’s with Ass – Listen, I’m a huge fan of $200 designer jeans. They can make a chick with no ass look like she has a spectacular ass. Or someone with a jiggly butt look like that thing could break walnuts. Here’s the thing though, when the pants come off, the truth comes out. Ladies, please do them deadlifts.
  8. Random people from twitter – Just yesterday I got a new follower from Indonesia. Her profile pic makes her look all cute and innocent. Tell me, how can this cute and innocent chick from Indonesia be more awesome than you? This is how…
  9. “I hate it when personal trainers tell you that you HAVE to eat small meals in order to get your eating habits in check. I checked your timeline to make sure you weren’t a ‘bro’. You’re not, so that’s why I followed you.”

    – HOLY HELL!!! This girl knows what a “bro” is??? How can she know, and most of you can’t even recognize that you may be??? Then she followed it up with this….

    “My gym is really small and doesn’t have a squat rack. What should I do? Is it ok to use the Smith machine or should I just focus on dumbbells?”

    – Now she’s into squatting too? Christ balls. She ended up inviting me to come train in her gym (in Indonesia) in exchange for some coffee and making fun of all the bro’s. Ha! Cracks me up.

  10. Having a plan in place for what I’d like to do moving forward, or at least some action items I can take to start moving that way. Hint: it does not involve owning and operating a gym full-time anymore.

**GASP!!!** I KNOW, RIGHT?!?! Don’t worry, small children, training is still going to be a ginormous part of my life. I’d still like to own a gym and have it pay for itself. I’m still going to be training people as often as I can. It’s just, it’s not what I envision myself doing 40 years down the road. So, don’t fret your little minds, I’m still going to kick ass, and I’m still going to create the shit outta some athletes….it’s just not going to be my full time gig……(I don’t think)

One caveat to that: I have been scoping the NSCA job board and if there’s ever a position for an assistant strength coach on an NFL or DI college team, you can bet your hairy ass that I’m going to apply for it!

Phew!! 10 minutes to spare. What’s awesome in your life right now??



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