Well, that title is kinda sorta true.

2 weeks ago, Anh and I went on an 8-day Mexican vacation a la isla de Cozumel. I may write about it, but Anh spent SIX days (!!!!) creating this amazing video recap of our trip. 8 days down to 17 minutes is quite impressive. She did an amazing job! Have a look…

Last week, my only ambitions were to sit on the couch, watch movies, eat whatever I wanted, and “recover” from vacation.

Mission accomplished.

Now, this week, we’re getting ready for an 8 day climbing trip to The Needles in the Black Hills of South Dakota over week of 4th of July (that means we’re leaving this Friday!).

Here’s a recap of last year’s trip to The Needles.

Needles(s) to say, I may not have time to write anything this week either, especially with all the packing and some last second climbing prep I want to take care of in the gym. C’mon, people, let’s not forget I have a full time job too. :-p

Then, as soon as we get back, we have to decide, and plan, where we’re going in August for a week of backpacking and mountain climbing. Oh, and a weekend trip of climbing at Palisades Head and Shovel Point up on Minnesota’s North Shore. What was the full time job thing again?

Have no fear though. I have many things on my radar. Upcoming gear reviews:

ENO Doublenest hammock
Vasque Velocity 2.0 GTX trail runners
PowerMonkey-Extreme solar charging system
Columbia Powerdrain shoes
And maybe others…

I should probably write a lot about the climbing trip.

I’ve had some thoughts on training, results, and lifestyle.

And I’m sure there’s at least 32 other random thoughts that go through my brain and should be written about too. So, please, hold tight, enjoy the video above, and I hope to be back to my usual posting self real soon!

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