I got the most amazing email from my clients this morning that anyone trying to run a business (if you can call it that) absolutely dreads. In short, it was

“We don’t need you anymore.”

This scares the bejesus out of anyone trying to make money because they have now just lost a client. For the “slower” readers, that means I just lost income, revenue, money, dollars, Benji’s, etc. Get it?

For me, I’m tickled pink. It means I have given two people the power to make their own educated choices. It means my interactions with them have been so positive that they actually trusted the advice I gave them, applied it, saw results, and are now competant enough to do it on thier own. Rather than just showing up and barking orders at them, I actually educated them on what, how, and why we do certain things.

How powerful is that?? If you could teach all of your clients to not depend on what other people say, you would be giving them a much bigger gift of health for the rest of their lives, not just a short-term solution from which they will most likely regress.Think of that relationship you just built and how strong it is.

A lot of trainers are nervous to do something such as this. If you give your clients the ability to make the right choices, they won’t need you. And if they don’t need you, they won’t pay you. Such poor, poor short-term thinking that is.

Just think about how many people they are going to tell about how wonderful their experience was and how, after 6 months, they’ve been able to think for themselves and keep the weight off. That, to me, sounds like a much stronger testimonial than, “yeah, I lost weight at an 8-week bootcamp, but I was miserable the whole time, then gained it all back when I stopped going.” And if that’s what your goal is as a trainer, you’re one of the pieces of garbage that fill this industry. I prefer to educate, rather than dictate.

Anyways, I could not be happier to be losing these two clients. I will still be in close contact with them, more as a “consultant”, for the final month of their program, and I cannot wait to post their results.

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