Why, hello again! Long time no communication, eh? Sorry about it. Moving on….I’m pretty lazy (as has been noted several times), and this is me writing a cop-out post about my progress as of late…


People keep asking me, “are you still doing that goofy biofeedback shit??” Yes, yes I am still doing that goofy biofeedback shit. Here’s why…

As of my last post when I declared standing shoulder press as my primary strength goal on August 8th, I have easily put on 5lb. of my 1RM. Most likely, it’s probably more.

During my first training session with that goal in mind on 8/2/10, I did 18 reps in 21 minutes using 135 lb. Fastforward 18 days later, I did 11 reps in 8 minutes using 145 lb. It was after those 11 reps that I decided I was also going to test my 1RM. I did a single at 155 (my old 1RM) and then at 160. Got it. Easily. No need to do anymore since it was a new PR. Some time in the next couple weeks I will do a true 1RM max without the working sets beforehand.

In the meantime, I went from doing single and double reps with the 28kg kettlebell to doing double and triple reps with the 32kg kettlebell. When it tests well, pressing the 36kg bell on my right side is wicked easy. Still can’t get the 40kg yet. Poop.

Second goal is less than 10% bodyfat. Most of that will come from nutrition, but doing things like swinging a 56kg (112lb.) kettlebell and/or doing kettlebell snatches at the end of a session surely won’t hurt. (And both of which should transfer over to a higher deadlift, Goal #3, as well.)


My third goal is to deadlift 2.5 times my bodyweight. Currently, I can hit a 405 lb. deadlift on days it tests well, but it’s not with the best of form. So, to correct that, I’ve started doing trap bar deadlifts. Don’t get me wrong, you should be able to do more weight with a trap bar, but the first time doing it was on 8/3/10 and I only pulled 405 (I’m beginning to HATE that number). 17 days later, 425 lb.
Now, you might be saying, “oh sure, those are two things you haven’t done before, OF COURSE you’ll be able to move up quickly.” Maybe. Or maybe there’s just something to this whole whacky, auto-regulatory belief. Don’t believe me? Try out some casual reading when you have time (via Mike T Nelson):
Or maybe it’s because I, and my colleagues, know a thing or two about progression and training templates? Who knows. I do know that explosive plyometrics never hurt a deadlift before either….when incorporated properly.


Still going tremendously strong on my Intermittent Fasting. As I said before, I’m doing Martin Berkhan’s 16-hr daily fast approach. (And if you’re interested in Brad Pilon’s once-a-week fast, check it out here.) After some additional experimentation, I think I’ve concluded that I do very well on a low carb/high fat diet. This is absolutely awesome for me because I’ve found the best results on weeks where I eat a greasy burger (or two) and a couple of p0unds of trailmix (true story). Again, that’s on a weekly basis, not daily.

Sorry (or thankfully), I won’t be posting any pics until November. You’ll have to take my word for it: what I’m doing is working, and I’m eating a lot of delicious food along the way. Remember, delicious food is very anabolic.


I still suck at it. 🙁

Here’s proof:

BUT!!! I can bake a cake over a campfire (kind of)!!!!1!!!11!1!!!

If you’d like to help me NOT suck at life, it makes me embarrassingly giddy when people leave comments below or email me training and nutrition questions. Please, PLEASE let me help you. That’s why I’ve decided to do what I do!

Lastly, what have YOU accomplished in the past month? Weightloss? Strength gain? Muscle mass? Sprint speed? BRAG ABOUT IT!!




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