Ok, Boulder and similarly adventurous locale dwellers, I need some ideas here.

The better half is gone this weekend, and I cannot just sit on my keester. The way I figur (please read that phonetically, as it’s spelled), I have a couple of options:

  • Convince a friend to take me climbing (dependent on his weekend plans)
  • Go for a solo camping/backpacking trip (not particularly knowledgeable of free vs. fee areas)
  • Sit on my keester
  • Some other equally awesome weekend long project that can be done from the confines of my apartment or in an urban area (technology, reading, writing, research based topics)
  • However…

    I’m tired of hiking. I’m not much of a hiker to begin with, and that’s all I’ve done thus far.

    I’d love to cross country ski or go snowboarding, but winter is largely non-existent.

    I’ve been dying to go mountain biking, but there’s just enough snow to make it suck. Also, still need to buy a mountain bike. Kind of important.

    I know Boulder (and all of Colorado) have more than that to offer; I’m just ignorant at this point. HALP!

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