Back before I was permanently banned from the Muscle and Brawn forums (no, I will not link it; cuz I was wrongfully banned), there was a thread about reaching your muscular genetic potential. Since I can’t get on the forums (obv), I searched the Googlez and found the actual article by Casey Butt (I know, right?). Assuming you’re drug-free and natural, you’ll be able to see how muscular you can get based on a few simple measurements.

Along with calculating your genetic potential overall bodyweight and mass, it also calculates the genetic potential of individual bodyparts. So, based on where you’re currently at and what your genetic potential is, you can see which bodyparts you might want to focus on in your training. You’ll have to read Dr. Butt’s (*giggle*) original article to see that there are some exceptions to the rule, but he provides the equations and tables that show how ridiculously accurate this is. S’rsly, all the sources and research are sited in his article, I’m not gonna regurgitate it hurr.

Now, like any male with a tape measure, I’ve measured various bodyparts before (*ahem*), but for this, you’ll only need to measure your wrist and ankle circumference, just above the rounded, boney….erm….bones…protruding out the sides of your limbs. You’ll also want to have a pretty accurate bodyfat measurement, but it really minimially affects the overall numbers. I would say it’s probably good enough if you’re within 5% of your actual measurement just to get a good idea of what your body is capable of. I would also suggest you have someone else measure this if you’re using a caliper.

I’ve made the spreadsheet easy enough to use that a mentally challenged chimpanzee could use it. The boxes that have a red border are where you enter your information. None of the other boxes that matter can be edited. You don’t need to worry about any equations because I took care of everything else with my wickedly awesome Microsoft Excel skillz. Ok, they’re not really that wickedly awesome on this particular sheet. I didn’t have to write any custom macro’s or even include any “if-then” statements, but you get the idea…

Here’s a snapshot of what my information looks like:

Looks like I can still gain about 14lb. of lean muscle mass. I took it a couple steps further and figured out that my ultimate goal is right AT my genetic potential. My goal is to walk around weighing about ~180lb. at 8% bodyfat. I didn’t show my work on the spreadsheet anywhere, but those are the exact numbers it spit out before I even tried to manipulate it to see what I could be someday. ROCK!

Now, YOU, download the spreadsheet here, and let me know how much further you have to go to reach your goals and/or genetic potential. I wanna know how jacked my readers are!

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