beefcakeOk, so, let me explain what I call “volumizing”. Volumizing is a fancy, kind of catch wordy, type of thing that I see some real fitness people say from time to time. What it really means is doing high reps, low weight, and short rest periods.

Now, let me tell you when I hate it so…

1) My entire life, I have never focused on anything for more than 8 reps at a time.
2) Adhering to “1)” requires slightly longer rest periods than volumizing.
3) For the past 6 months I have been strictly focusing on “1)” and “2)”. Mainly, I have been focusing on 1 to 3 reps to maximize strength, not mass.

So, let’s do the math. I went from doing 3 to 4 lifts in an hour and half to 7 or 8 in a little over an hour. That’s like training for the 40 and then trying to run a sub 5-minute mile. It just doesn’t work. Well, not for me anyways. Well, I expected this so it really wasn’t much of a surprise. Here’s the biggest reason why it’s not working for me:

beefcake2 I have what some people may call an ego. Thing is, no one is in the weight room with me when I lift. So, what ego is there to bruise? Well, you see, when I was doing sets of 1-3 reps, I was pushing 280 lbs. off my chest or squatting 315 lbs. below parallel. Now, with this happy horseshit, I finished my 4th set of 12 close grip bench press at ninety-fuggin-five pounds! That’s more than a little demoralizing! I am honestly afraid for my first squat workout.

Anyways, at the time of this writing, it’s been 3 days since my first volumizing workout. I have taken more supplements in those 3 days than I do on my normal lifting days just trying to recover. It’s not working. BUT!!! Have no fear, the foam roller is here!

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