Hey! What are you doing on Sunday, April 10? As in, this Sunday?
Are you a female? Do you want to learn self-defense? Better yet, do you want to learn immediately effective and field-proven self-defense techniques from a trained ground combatives instructor?
My good friend and colleague, Adam Glass, was a ground combatives instructor in the Air Force for 2.5 years and used these techniques training thousands of troops as well as real-life situations while deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will let him tell you how effective they are in subduing an enemy since some of the stories are quite graphic, and he may not want the world knowing the horrors of war.
He’s offering this class at The Movement Minneapolis in Plymouth, MN for only $30. The class is 3 hours long and spots are limited so please contact me as soon as you possibly can!
(I really need to get one of those google phone numbers that forwards calls to my personal cell phone. Anyone know anything about that? Kthanxbai)

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