Hey! Long time no blogging, right?! Yeah, life 'n stuff.

Moving on…

I've been working in Florida for the past couple weeks and still have over a week left. The crew is only 7 people strong, and we spend about 11 hours per day on the job site together and then another 2-4 back at the hotel and around town. Needless to say, we talk about a lot of random things. Earlier this week, the topic of “hours worked per week” came up. Being that I, and the rest of the engineers, are salaried employees, our personal beliefs on those hours varied greatly.

However, I was the only one that consciously limited the number of hours I work. And some of the others actually seemed somewhat offended by that.

Don't get me wrong, salaried employees are hired to do a job, regardless of hours worked, and I absolutely get my work done. I work longer hours when required. However, when it's not required, 8 hours per day is all I'll sacrifice. That's what my salary is based on. That's the amount of work I volunteer for. My life is more than my work.

My life is outside. My life is making connections with other humans. My life is in the mountains. My life is in the water. My life is in the animals I hunt, in the fish I catch.

It is not behind a desk. It is not to make someone else more money than I (even though I work for a non-profit right now).

My career supports my habbits, and that's it. I will perform my work to the best of my ability. I will go out of my way to become a better employee. But it won't be at the expense of my time.

Our time on earth is a finite resource.

I can't imagine spending that resource doing something I'm not completely and utterly in love with for any longer than I absolutely need.

Are you living to work, or working to live?

Don’t Miss Your Chance

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