Two-and-a-half weeks ago, Brendan from Semi-Rad asked the question, Is Mountaineering Sexy?

I can see why nearly all “normal” people would say no: There are way too many clothes involved, amongst a myriad of other things.

Not only do most “normal” people think no, but they would likely think “we” are crazy. (Well, I say “we” like I’m one of “you”. Not yet. I’m still looking for my first glacial and/or Alpine climb, but I’m more than ready when time, equipment, and company permits.)

Anyways, I try to not brag [everyday] about how awesome Anh is (just most days), but she [damn near] solo’d Gannett Peak in Wyoming, the highest point in the state (she had a little help from NOLS on summit day). She’s typing up her overly detailed trip report as we speak….so to…speak(?). Only three-and-a-half days after her return, we headed back to WY to summit Cloud Peak (trip report, pics, and vids coming up!).

So, Is Mountaineering Sexy? Yes. Yes I do believe mountaineering is sexy.


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