“Bullshit! I don’t have to do anything!”

You see what I did there? People do NOT like being told what they have to do. That includes me. Nothing sets me off more than a martyr-tard (crossfitter) or a yogi or a clean eater or a 300lb. power lifter tell me I *need* to do things they way they do it.

No, I don’t need to do crossfit to get ripped.

No, I don’t need to do yoga to become flexible; I’m flexible enough.

No, I don’t need to eat clean to lose weight.

No, I don’t need to squat 400lb. Squatting does not help me climb up the side of a cliff/mountain/rocky outcropping.

No, I don’t need to stop eating carbs at 7:12pm.

In fact, I will go out of my way to not do something just because you told me I have to.

What’s best for you is not best for me. Your way is not the only way. There are many many ways. Your way does NOT work for everyone. Your way only works for you and those that have similar wants and beliefs as you. If your way worked for everyone, that would be the *only* way anyone could achieve results. But it’s not. So now what’s your theory?

My current favorite quote from Frankie is, “it only takes one data point to disprove your theory.”

How powerful is that?

“If you want to get jakd, you *have* to do crossfit.”

O’rly? I know bodybuilders, basketball players, runners, and professional eaters that are more jakd than you, and they certainly don’t do crossfit.

“If you want 6-pack abs, you *have* to eat clean.”

You sure? Michael Phelps eats 10,000 calories of junk when he’s in the middle of the training season. Are hotdogs and pizza clean? Because that’s what Kobiyashi eats to prepare for an eating competition.

“Oh, well, they’re the exception.”

Ooooohhhhhh!!! So we can agree that your way is NOT the *only* way. Interesting. Then why are you still a preachy mother f*cker??

I’m sure you can scour my website and find some places where I say “you need to do _____”, but I honestly try to only give you ideas on what could help you. I leave it up to you to take action and apply those ideas.

I can see in my clients eyes sometimes that they HATE when I ask them, “so what do you feel like doing today?” I know they’d rather have me tell them what they “need” to do. But guess what, how you feel and what you think will have more effect on your training outcome than following what someone else says you need to do.

Case in point:

Last Wednesday, my client Ryan was doing rows. Betweent sets, I saw him playing around with bottoms up presses. I asked, “hey, man, would you rather finish these rows or stop early and do some BUP?” He told me he actually felt like doing BUPs more than rows. Ok, cool. Let’s do some BUP.

Lo and behold, his retard strength shined. He bottom up pressed a 36kg kettlebell. That, my friends, is sick nasty. And at no time did I dictate to him what he *needed* to do.

Rather than let *someone else* dictate what you need to do, why not follow what *you* want to do? If you’re going to pay for a trainer, don’t hire a dictator to tell you how to run your body. Hire someone with the knowledge base that will help you work within your current limitations in order to expand them faster. If you’re going to buy 6 different workout programs from 6 different gurus over the course of 2 years at $50 a pop, why not buy into a training system that allows you to do what you want based on the feedback provided by your body, one time, for the rest of your life?

If you’re one of these preachy b*tches I’m ranting about, what makes you qualified to tell people what they *need* to do? Your job should be to point them in the right direction, based on their goals, and help them along the way with coaching cues. Your job should not be high dictator.

Yoga will NOT solve all of the world’s problems, so stfu and only educate those asking for it.

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