Zeal Optics Brewer

Zeal Optics Brewer Sunglasses – Perfect for the Outdoor Lifestyle

I met with Zeal Optics this spring because let’s face it, who doesn’t like meeting with reps from top of the line companies? It was just slightly more convenient since Zeal is also based out of Boulder, and he suggested we meet at a Biergarten. Ok, fine. After our beer, we headed over to the office where I learned more
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Tiny Home Conversion Van

Tiny Home Project Revival: #VanLife

Soooo, remember, like, a year ago when I had these fantasies about living in a pull-behind camper trailer? And then I found out that Boulder makes it impossible (financially speaking) to do so while also working a full-time career? Well, the tiny home kick is alive and well (again)! This time, I’m going about it a little more traditionally. And
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Off-width bouldering vedauwoo

Climbing Vedauwoo: The most fun you’ll have not sending

I was climbing at a famous off-width crag in Wyoming by the name of Vedauwoo (Ever heard of it? You should, I wrote about climbing in Vedauwoo with Pamela Shanti Pack last year.), and something bizarre happened. I only sent two routes all weekend, and it was arguably some of the most fun I’ve ever had at a crag. What you
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First Garden Kale

What to do with so much Kale

Since my garden has started to produce more kale than I know what to do with, I thought I’d publish an ongoing post in which I update it with new and exciting things to do with kale. It’s not always all about me, so I want to share your kale recipes and cooking methods too! I could easily go on
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Black Box Stress Resolution

Eating 25 Chocolate Bars Might be Good for You

A couple weeks ago, I read this post by Movement mentor Craig Keaton: Two Questions That Forever Changed How I Eat. I passed it along to several friends that struggle with eating/nutrition belief systems and the resulting brain dump ensued after the following statement was made to me: In regards to this quote in the post: “Do you have positive
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