Just Be

I am just sitting. In the sun. In the wind. My pale, Nordic skin feeling the burn of the uv rays. My hair blowing in the breeze.

I am just


Being alive. Being present. Sitting.

Pondering. Thinking. Plotting. Enjoying.

I am not entertained. I am not bored. Content.

This is the first time in nearly 2 months I’ve done this. It feels good.

I have responsibilities, tasks, that I should be doing.

But this air, this sun, this location…


Is all I want to be right now.

The dull ache in my muscles from yesterday’s climbing keeps me fused to this seat. The sense of accomplishment of mostly picking up where I left off last season, dulls the screams of an ever-growing to-do list.

Because I am here. Right now.

The hustle and bustle of getting to the ski resort to push my limits even further returns tomorrow morning. Along with weekly chores of getting ready for the work week.

In this moment, I have been sitting on the deck for no less than 45 minutes. This post, the first actual, actionable display of awareness. Otherwise,

Sitting. Enjoying. Content. Being.

Don’t Miss Your Chance

I was stuck in Corporate America for 9 years. I was miserable.

Then I took control.

You can too, and it starts right here.

3 responses to “Just Be

  1. I just did this on the trail on Sunday. After a rough week at work, I headed down a ridge line and stopped mid way. I sat on a rock and just listened to the sounds that were there, and mostly to the ones that weren’t.

    The outdoors smelled so good.

    Of course I also scoped out a bushwhacking route to a peak across the valley, but that was part of my meditation.


  2. Reminds me of sitting on the stairs of my balcony garden in the summer, peeling grapefruit, feet propped up on the rail. Bob Marley playing through the open window, people walking below, sun high above. Miss those days.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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