I don’t particularly pay that much attention to my laundry detergent, but one thing I do notice is when the sweat stank doesn’t really leave my clothes. I was pretty excited when I got to try WIN detergent and found that I no longer have this issue!

WIN Laundry Detergent

WIN Laundry Detergent Really Wins

The reason I really wanted to try WIN detergent was the lofty claims of getting the sweaty smell out of workout clothes. Well, being the multi-sport athlete that I am, spending more days sweating than not sweating, and living in a van where things can stink up reeeaaallllll quick, I knew I could for sure put these claims to the test.

As I originally said, I never really notice the smell of my clothes after I wash them which means whatever detergent I happen to buy must be doing its job. Except for synthetics. All of my synthetic activewear just STINKS. No matter how many times I wash it, no matter how much soap I use, air dry, dryer sheets…doesn’t matter. It stinks.

After you sweat in synthetic clothing once, they’re basically ruined forever.

Or so I thought.

Summer Testing

Mountain Biking Slick Rock Trail

I received my WIN in June right before I went on a 10-week road trip and spent the summer traveling, hiking, mountain biking, and climbing almost every single day. Most of the clothes I word everyday were synthetic, moisture wicking t-shirts, socks, shorts, and even underbritches. In some places, the temperature rose well above 100 degrees.

Regardless, every time I left the laundromat, my clothes smelt great.

Winter Testing

Snowboarding Mammoth Mountain

This was the big test. My base layers [obviously] cover me from head to toe, and even though it’s cold out, I still sweat like a wildebeest when hiking or biking in the snow and while snowboarding. There’s more material than my summer clothing and it’s also thicker and heavier. I thought, “no way.”

I grabbed my base layers out of the dryer and could barely believe my nose. The usual “sweat stink trapped inside synthetic material” was no longer there. Like, WHAT?!

The Feelgood Part

WIN laundry detergent does NOT test any of their products on animals; they have a dye-free, fragrance-free version; it’s made and shipped in the U.S.A.; and it’s probably, most likely hypoallergenic (though they admit they have not specifically tested it against every single possible allergen_).

WIN Detergent VanLife

I received this product from DeepCreek PR for the sole reason of this review. I do not receive any financial benefit from DeepCreek or WIN Laundry Detergent. Thoughts are my own.

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