I'm quite frustrated as I sit here and type this. I'm hoping this can act as some kind of therapy. I'm frustrated because I feel like I'm chained to this desk and chained to my own laziness.


I started this morning with a quick 5-min. workout in my gear room (a room in which holds all of my gear) consisting of assymetrical stance kettlebell swings. I was feeling charged up and really good about life. So good that I was whacked by the “HOLY CRAP I NEED TO WRITE A POST RIGHT NOW” truck. But, I needed to get ready for work. And by the time I got to work, the motivation for that particular post, which had the potential to cause quite a stir, had dissipated. Such a shame.


As I went through my morning routine, I found myself feeling like something is missing. Something in the realm of doing awesome stuff. Don't get me wrong, my weekends are outstanding, usually including a hike to see some amazing mountain scenery that Anh has picked out, nordic skiing in the backcountry, camping, or snowboarding. And if we decide to stay in, we do equally amazing things, like watching the entire Season 2 of The Walking Dead in one day. I LOVE my weekends!

But they aren't enough.

Not when you live here.

Not when there's infinite things to do within a 2-hour drive.

The addition of my new snowboarding setup isn't helping. I check the shipping status of the different components at least 3 times/day, knowing they only get updated once and knowing that they're going to be delivered when they're supposed to be delivered. And even if I had everything in my posession right now, it's not like I can drop everything and head to the mountains.


I'm hoping I hit my “critical mass” point with not working out. Other than the great shit I do on the weekends, I'm mostly sedentary…which is eating at me…but apparently not to the point where I was willing to do anything about it. I'm hoping the need to fix my problematic hips (which is why I was doing kettlebell swings this morning) will be the catalyst to get me back to training during the week.


But I'm still not sure that will be enough.

Not when you live here.

Not when there are mountains outside your backdoor, which are way more awesome than gym workouts.

I found this picture on Instagram from “randoroolz7” that pretty much sums up my urge in life right now.

It's damn near daylight savings time, which means it will be lighter in the evening longer. Much to my snowboarding dismay, spring has sprung here in Colorado, and the temps are warming up. The combination of those two things will make it easier to go climbing outdoors after work.


But for the immediate time being, I still sit here daydreaming, wishing, thinking, plotting my next weekend. Hating that I have to wait until the next weekend.


I find myself researching, looking at, purchasing gear, trying to fill that void, but in reality, doing stuff is the only thing that helps.


Yet, I don't have the motivation. As much as I want to do these things, something internally tells me to be lazy. And it's much easier to be lazy after you get done working 9 hour days behind the desk. The bitch of it is knowing that I can change this on my own, whenever I want.


I partly blame the cost of a climbing gym membership. In Minneapolis, I could an annual climbing pass to 4 different gyms (within the same network) for $300-$400 (I don't remember right off the top of my head). In Boulder, I have the choice of paying $700-$800. I know it's my passion; I know I shouldn't put a price on that; but money is money, and I see “free” climbing (pun intended) right outside my window.


So this is where you come in


What do you do during the week? How do you stay motivated? What crazy awesome things do you do outdoors after being in the office all day?

**Disclaimer: I realize I'm asking for your advice and kind words to get my butt motivated, but Crossfit and trail running are off the table. Just to save your fingers from typing if either of those were going through your mind. đŸ˜‰


P.S. This is definitely just a stream of consciousness. In fact, I didn’t even proofread it. Sorry for the inorganization.



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