Full disclosure: I am currently working for YAWP! but that has nothing to do with my decision to write a cookbook, nor are they sponsoring or endorsing any of this. I just happened to have some of the bars on hand when I made this monumental breakfast discovery.

Whoops! Did I Say ‘Writing a Cookbook’?

Well, it’s true. I am. I’ve always wanted to, but could never find my angle to separate myself from the sea of cookbooks that already exist. Think this is a whim? Just a passing idea? How do you explain the nearly 4,000 words I’ve already written?

Draft Cookbook

But sadly, this post isn’t about the cookbook. This isn’t about the niche, or why I’m different. It won’t allude to types of recipes and why you’ll find them in my book.

Instead, this is simply about the recipe that finally made the light bulb turn on. That made me say, “Ah-ha!!”

So as a little preview of what’s to come, I give you…

Fancy Peanut Butter and Granola Mush

Typically granola is eaten with yogurt or milk or plain. However, we can get rid of the need of storing milk or yogurt and still combine it with things that are nutritious and delicious.

Shown with YAWP! bars as an alternative to bulk granola

Shown with YAWP! bars as an alternative to bulk granola


  • Favorite nut butter (peanut butter is cheapest)
  • Bulk granola
  • Banana(s) and/or other fruit
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Mixed nuts

Basic: Add 1 or 2 spoonfuls nut butter in a bowl. Then cover with bulk granola and smash together.

Intermediate: Follow the basic recipe, this time add a banana, berries, or dried fruit

Gourmet: Follow the steps through the intermediate recipe. Add mixed nuts, honey, cinnamon, and brown sugar (if you have it). Smash all everything together in the bowl and be amazed at how delicious this tastes and how much it fills you up.

Alternatives: If you don’t have access or ability to store bulk granola, you can crush up your favorite granola bar first. This is also an example of leveraging pre-made food goods, however it is typically cheaper to buy bulk granola if you can store it.


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