At what point do you consider that a substance is “controlling you”?

I ask, not because I think I’m being controlled, but simply, because I really really enjoy the effects of coffee and sometimes feel like I can’t make it through the workday without having a travel mug worth….or two. This also stems from what I consider an asinine comment made by someone on Facebook (go figure). The original status he made was “still going strong after 12 hours of training clients and not a drop of coffee was required” or some such thing. I asked why he would deprive himself of such a delectable treat. His short (both in length and in tone) response was, “I don’t ever want to be controlled by a substance.”

Ok, I get it. But really?! Coffee?! You’re going to draw the line at coffee?! That little exchange has stuck with me for several months because I cannot comprehend the mindset in which he *believes* that coffee (caffeine) is a controlling substance.

Fast forward to now, and here I am questioning my own beliefs and definitions of “controlling”.

Here is my love-love relationship with coffee, and I will let you conclude for me whether or not it is controlling me.

Pro-tip: Regardless of what you say, I doubt I will alter my actions….cuz I’m stubborn like that and perfectly happy. :-p

As I stated earlier, I usually drink an 18oz. travel mug of coffee on the way to work in the morning. It wakes me up and allows me to concentrate (somewhat) on the mind-numbing, soul crushing work that is electrical engineering at this company. Sometimes I will have another mug after lunch if I am particularly exhausted that day for whatever reason. I typically drink it for the same wake-up reasons, nothing more.

If I don’t have coffee, I don’t turn into some sort of raging, super uber-nerd looking to destroy any and all of those who oppose my thoughts or work progress. I do not get the withdrawl shakes. I don’t actively seek any and all means of getting coffee in my system. I simply start falling asleep at my desk….or at least have to fight really hard to not do so.

So, could I go a day, 2 days, 54 days without coffee? Yes, I could. My work output would be slightly less. I probably wouldn’t be as happy and cheery, but I also wouldn’t snap at co-workers either. The most notable effect would be my nodding head at my desk.

I simply drink coffee for the alertness. If I’m tired, I drink coffee. If I’m not, I don’t. It just so happens that I am tired every single morning.

So does that make me an addict? Are you being controlled? You tell me.

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