For the first time in almost a year (yes, I know someone out there has that written down…right?), I am taking a cop out. Not like, on a date or anything, I don’t want to be like my ex-gf (gross; I could say more, but I probably wouldn’t ever see my dog again). Anyways, life has me ran pretty ragged these days and I really don’t have much on my mind. I’m kind of in a zombie-like state: Wake up, eat, work (I actually am these days; scary!), eat, work, eat, train, eat, do something that takes up all my time, get 5 hours of sleep, and repeat.

So, here’s your chance ask me anything. It can be health and fitness related, how to train your new puppy, what color should you dye your hair (most likely black if you’re a chic….*drool*), or how I became this really friggin’ sweet dude. Hell, if you’re not in a question-like mood, hit me up with a story. Did you party too hard over Thanksgiving? Have sex for the first time (I’m still waiting for mine)? Anything?

Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t Miss Your Chance

I was stuck in Corporate America for 9 years. I was miserable.

Then I took control.

You can too, and it starts right here.