If you want to read about the background story, click here. I’m tired of typing tonight (lots of updates) so just take a look at what Derrick has to say…


When I “met” Dave on a motorcycle forum, before he had this awesome website, I weighed 245 lb. I wasn’t a “true” client, but Dave helped me frequently as I was learning. He would recommend new exercises and routines along with sharing with me his nutrition expertise. With his help, I’ve lost 80lbs. and weigh 165 lb. a year later!
Some people might say I had abnormal results, but I feel if you have the drive you can absolutely do it. My only regret is not having Dave as a full time trainer. My results would have been even more impressive. Having him as a trainer would have significantly improved my workout routines, “diet”, and would have prevented a few injuries by having correct form (I.E. running).

The reason i chose Dave is that he was always there to answer questions, give advice, or help keep you motivated. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or improve in sports, I truly believe Dave is the best bang for the buck. In my case, Dave really was an “athlete Creator” since I’ve decided to become a personal trainer myself.




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