I’ve missed you lately.

I miss the way you make me feel.  The way you make my heart flutter. You challenge me to be better, yet are forgiving when I need to slow down. You bring out my best, even when I’m at my worst.

The way you can take everything else away that’s on my mind and just need to be there with you. Wholly. Entirely.

I miss the journey of seeing you. The anticipation. The challenge. The stress. But it all melts away at first sight. And then it’s just us.

I miss exploring your curves, your features, your everything that makes you unique. No one else is like you. I’ve seen you many times but you still surprise me, everytime. There’s still so much about you I don’t know.

Others have rejected you. Tried to lure me away from you. Told me you’re not perfect. Said I could do better. I don’t believe them. You have everything I need. And more.

The weeks apart are excruciating. So incredibly painful that I’ve skipped work just to see you. But every weekend is a reassurance of our love. It starts with one weekend, then two, then three, then four, and before you know it, I’ve spent every weekend of every month I can with you.

And then I have to leave.

I’ve been gone for but a few short months. But soon, soon we will be reunited. My breath begins to hasten and my heart begins to race as I think about it. Just thinking about you takes me away from here, to a better place. We will see each other again.

But until that time.

I miss you.

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