HOLY SH*T!! LOOK AT THIS SH*T!! That’s right peeps (that means people; it’s not the candy), drink it in. Just drink. it. in. Welcome to the revamped home of yours truly. At first glance you can see there’s been some MAJOR changes. Probably most notably: the colors, the banner, and pictures that actually f*ckin work. If you’ve made it by here the past couple days, you’ve seen it under construction. It wasn’t pretty, but I knew it would be worth it. Now, let me take you on a tour….

First, let’s address this picture shall we? ——->>

There’s really not much to say about it. I mean, it’s just me. There’s a picture; it’s me; end of story. Oh wait, but it does randomly change everytime you click to a new page or hit your refresh button. Cool, eh?

Next up, we gots the sidebar (SB for short). Over there you’ll see most of the same stuff, just reordered. But I would like you to note that the wording is way more awesomer, and the sweet graphics behind the text as well. Also, I moved my recent tweets over there. Why? Cuz I thought it was hella lame to have a whole page just dedicated to that.

Oh! And I’ve got a section of links called “Friends O’ Mine” over on the SB too! (Does 2 count as a whole section?) That piece of real estate comes with a high price. As you know, I’ve been training with Mike, and he has provided me with more knowledge than I even know what to do with. He obviously gets a spot. After Mike, there’s Jay. Jay is the creative genius that designed this masterful place. Everybody wave. I SAID WAVE!! Thank you.

So anyways, if you want to get your link up on the SB (which is viewable at all times), not only do you need to ask me, but your site needs to pass the badassery test (that’s where I decide if your site is badass) and you have to put a link of mine up on yours. Yeah, that’s pretty subjective AND negotiable.

Continuing on…

Speaking of pages, there’s three of them that made the cut and one brand new one. The three originals stayed the same, with a few minor updates. The About Me needs a real revamp though. The new one, I’m RICH!, is gonna be the real money-maker. No. Literally. That’s where I try to convince you guys to buy some shit from me. S’rsly. Just click on it and find out for yourself. (Psssssst!!!! Tell your friends about it too. *wink, wink, nod, nod*)

Other than that, as if that’s not engouh, that’s about it. There are some hidden gems scattered about made to make you laugh, but I’ll let you find them. There’s a few other minor things that I need to touch-up, but I just couldn’t keep this to myself anymore.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Jay for making this possible. He tells me I was one of his more laid back clients, but I think he’s probably a lying liar. And if he really thinks that I was laid back for this one, just wait until he starts working on my “real” training website. Muahahahaha!! Look out then, buddy. That thing has to be poppin’! But in all seriouslyness, if you ever need a web designer, I’m sure he’d love to strike up a conversation.

Now, PRETTY PLEASE let me/us know what you think of it down in the comments!! I’m begging you!


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